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Don't let your pooch be sad and lonely  
   while you are gone.          
I will keep him happy and healthy
until you return.

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Adoring Paws services the Brazosport area  

House Sitting
House Sitting

House Sitting only (no pets)
I have 30 years of security experience and I also love to garden.  Let me make sure your home is safe and your plants are taken care of while you are away.  I am insured and bonded to house sit.
$15.00 Daily House Check
Service includes bringing in your newspaper/mail/packages, trash can out to/in from curb on trash day, rotate lights/blinds, tv/radio on or off, water houseplants *outside landscaping will be an additional charge depending on the amount of landscaping
$50.00 Overnight House Sit (10pm - 7am)
Having someone stay in your home is a good deterrent for would be burgulars.  I bring my own air mattress/linens and stay in your home overnight keeping a watchful eye on it's contents.  This service includes everything in a "house check" plus I water all your landscaping.
$100.00 Extended House Sit (20 hours)
This service includes everything in an overnight sit and daily house check but I'm in your home for 20 hours a day.  I take 4 hours away for personal time.  If you have errands that need to be run during the day I can do that for you.  Schedule your painter or repairman during my stay and I will let them in and observe them while they work.
$25.00 per hour  Vendor Sitting
Do you have a need for a repair in your home but are unable to take off work to wait on them to show up and then wait while they do the work?  Call me, I can be there for you and make sure your home is kept safe and secure and repair/delivery is done in a timely manner.

Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting

These prices are based on homes with up to 3 pets.  Please add $4.00 for each additional dog and/or $3.00 for each additional cat.  There is no additional charge for caged pets or fish if no cleaning is involved.

House dogs without access to the outdoors (doggie door) require a minimum of 2 visits a day, and I prefer 3 times per day.  If your indoor dog consistantly soils indoors, I will insist on more visits per day.
All Prices are "per visit" unless specified otherwise.
A note, text message, or email will be left for you at each visit reporting how your pets/home are.  If you choose email or text messaging I can send you a picture of your pet enjoying their visit from me.  If you want to "talk" to them on the phone please just let me know and I can do that too.  (we aren't crazy....we just love our pets!)
Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Prices

  •  $22.00 Visit  (Visits occur normally between 7am - 9am and 5pm - 8pm and are approximately 30 to 45 minutes in length) 
     Includes:  lot's of love and attention to your pet, feeding, fresh water, medication given, play & potty time (including a short leash walk if that is what Fido likes), mail/newspaper retrievel, rotate lights/blinds, clean up of any pet accidents, litter box scooping/dog waste pickup from yard (only waste that occurs while you are away will be scooped, see my pooper scooping services for full yard cleanup), houseplants watered when needed, general security check of your home.  On "trash day" I will set out/ bring in your trash can from the curb if specifically requested.
  • $15.00 Mid day/Potty Break  (breaks occur between 10am - 2pm and are aprox. 15 minutes in length)
    A few minutes of loving care and reassurance, refresh water,  let pet potty or a quick leash walk, retrieval/disposal of any pet waste. 
    Apartment & Condo dog owners will be charged an extra $5.00 for this service only.
  • $20.00  Late Night Tuck in Service (8pm - 10pm approx. 15 minutes in length)
    A few minutes of loving care and a late night potty break or quick walk.  Treat and belly rubs, quick house check, porch light on.
  • $75.00   Slumber Stay    (10pm - 7am,  9hrs)  Let me give your home that "lived in look" while giving your pets lot's of attention and cuddles.  I sleep in one of your beds or I can bring an air mattress and I spend the night with your furbabies.  They can pile up in bed with me and snuggle so they won't be anxious about being home alone overnight.  This service includes morning and evening visits.  For $10.00 more, I will include a mid day potty break.
  • $140.00  Slumber n Play Stay   (total of 20 hrs per day)  You get the "Slumber Stay" plus 11 more hours a day!  I keep your fur babies company night and day!  I do take 4 hours during the day for personal time but I will take them in 2 hour increments so I'm never away from your pets and home longer than 2 hours.  Set up a grooming appt. with your groomer and I can take your pet and pick them up, take them to the vet for vaccinations, or take a trip to the dog park.  I can also run short errands for you in town.  All included in the Slumber n Play Stay.

Pooper Scooper ServiceDo you have pets and children? Are you a busy Mom and you just don't have the time or the  stomach to scoop pup poop?  Are you afraid to let your children play in your yard with their pets due to the "poop minefield"?  I can help you take back your yard!  You will like the sanitary aspect not to mention the kids and pets can run off some energy.

I take the waste away with me so you do not have a stinky garbage can!

  • $15.00 each visit for twice a week poop scooping  (1-3 dogs, $2.00 each additional dog)
  • $25.00 each visit for once a week poop scooping   (1-3 dogs, $2.00 each additional dog)
  • $40.00 for a "one time only" service

Livestock Care

I am a passionate horse lover who has owned, bred, raised, shown, and enjoyed horses all of my adult life.  I understand while they are large powerful creatures, they are also one of the most delicate.  I understand how quickly they can become extremely ill.  I am experienced in hydrotherapy and wound care if you have a horse that needs these services while you are on vacation.  If your horse is on antibiotics or Dex injections I am capable of administering IM injections.  I am aware of the majority of the equine vets in this area and have their phone numbers programmed in my phone.  Let an experienced horse person care for your equines while you are away.

  • $25.00 per visit Pasture only horses  (1-3 horses, $4.00 each additional horse) Service includes, checking water trough level/float and refilling if necessary, feeding, haying, checking for injuries, observing horse for signs of illness.
  • $30.00 per visit Stalled or stalled and turnout (1-2 horses, $8.00 each additional horse) Service includes, rinsing and refilling water bucket, feeding, haying, cleaning stall, check for injuries, observing horse for signs of illness, bringing in to stall, taking out to pasture.

Do you have a "Hobby Farm"?  I understand if you have a menagerie that going away for the weekend is expensive.  Contact me for a free consultation and quote!

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